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International Music Lesson Program

YMIC is proud to offer a music lesson program taught by the high school interns of YMIC.

This program is open to students of all nationalities who would like to receive extra tutoring in music or would like to start learning a musical instrument or music theory.

Apply by Thursday, September 15, 2022

(Registration may close early due to limited space availability)

We will be taking applicants on a first come first serve basis, only a limited number of students per instrument/music theory will be accepted this semester.

- Piano (1st - 6th grades): capacity 10

- Violin (2nd - 6th grades): capacity 4

- Viola (2nd - 6th grades): capacity 3

- Cello (2nd - 6th grades): capacity 1

- Flute (3rd - 6th grades): capacity 2

- French Horn (3rd - 6th grades): capacity 1

- Alto Saxophone (3rd - 6th grades): capacity 1

- Bass (3rd - 6th grades): capacity 1

- Euphonium/Trombone (3rd - 6th grades): capacity 1

- Music Theory (1st - 6th grades): capacity 11


  • There will be 10 sessions (including a virtual Recital/theory test) per semester.

  • Each session will last 35 minutes.

  • All sessions will be held virtually via zoom in English.

  • There will be a virtual recital at the end of each semester. For those who are studying music theory, an opportunity to take a theory exam will be provided (only one level per semester). 

  • It is the responsibility of each student to provide his/her own instrument.

  • Musical experience is not necessary, and students of beginner to early intermediate level are welcome.

  • The registration fee will go towards a YMIC Senior Scholarship Fund.

  • Additional details will be sent out once the application has been received.


If you have any questions about this program, please contact us at


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